A versatile mountain bike saddle designed to provide comfort and maneuverability for Posture 3 riders.

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Comfortably tackle any trail

The Kovee Comp offers unobstructed movement around the saddle during challenging rides where performance is just as essential as comfort. The durable design stands up to the rigors of the ride with a unique shape that gives confidence for both seated pedaling and out-of-saddle descents.

Product details

  1. Posture 3 Performance pelvic rotation for a balance of comfort and efficiency
  2. Soft cushion padding through the saddle nose enhancing soft tissue protection
  3. Strategically-placed, multi-density padding for optimal comfort and performance
  4. Channel Flex on bottom of shell for added compliance
  5. Recessed saddle cavity provides contour relief zone and eases pressure on soft tissue
  6. inForm BioDynamic products optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance
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270mm x 138mm, 270mm x 148mm


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