Kacamata Sepeda Albaoptics ANVMA SNW VZUM™ ML CIELO

Enhances the contrast on cold tones in extremely bright conditions.
CAT 3 | TRA 8% ÷ 18%

Rp 1.975.000

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The new ANVMA sunglasses. Even more technical, even more practical.
Inspired from classic heritage eyewear but made with the best technologies available. The frames are molded with tr90 making them thin, flexible and extremely light. The weight of the soul is only 21 grams and these sunglasses don’t exceed 19.
We think they’re some of the lightest sports sunglasses you can use: so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. It’s because of these features that ANVMA are dedicated to cyclists who love traveling light, exploring new paths, discovering nature and enjoying the view.
The rubber texture of the frame helps increase their grip and ensure a perfect fit with most riders.
Their design also makes prescription lenses an option.
Handmade in Italy

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