PATROL 094 (2020)

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094 Cross Country

The entry-level 094 is aimed at bringing the adventure to you without breaking the bank. For 2020 we’ve introduced new colorways and upped the specifications with a 2 x 9 Shimano drivetrain and SR XCM Boost fork. The 094 features a size-specific frame that is available in sizes M, L, and XL and rolls on larger diameter 29in wheels, perfect for taller riders.

Boost Fork

The 100mm travel SR XCM fork has a 110mm Boost hub spacing making it fully compatible with modern mountain bike technology, not to mention how smooth it makes the ride.

29in wheels

Big 29in wheels roll easier and inspire more confidence over roots and rocks. Just the ticket for riders new to mountain biking or those wanting to progress.

Size Specific Wheels

Taller riders need bigger bikes, and bigger bikes have bigger wheels. It’s simple really that’s why the size M, L, and XL 094 all roll on 29in wheels.

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Cherry Red, Cosmos Black


L, M, XL


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