Patrol E-Zero

The E-Zero is designed to be a rugged, simple and versatile e-MTB, the type of bike that you can ride from your door, up the highest mountain, or to the local park while remaining reliable and fun. Shimano’s proven E8000 Steps motor system provides a reliable and natural power assistance, while our integrated 630Wh battery will get you where you want to go and back again with power to spare.

E-Zero’s versatile frame handles the rough and smooth, and its comfortable riding position will spur you on to ride for longer, further and Patrol more than ever before.

Rp 51.399.000

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Hardtails are the original mountain bike. They’re designed for ripping up forest trails, cruising along fire roads or just commuting to work. And because hardtails are made for all types of riding, we thought it to be the perfect platform to build an e-MTB from. The Patrol E-Zero, with a compact Shimano Steps E8000 motor system and a long-lasting 600Wh internal battery,is ready to rip for longer and #patrol all-day.
Berat 61 kg



Crow Black, Ruby Red, Smoke Grey


M, S, XL


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