Pompa Lantai Sepeda Blackburn Grid 1 Floor Pump

Rp 420.000

Stok habis

Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Cheap

With the Grid 1 you can inflate everything from bicycle tyres to sports balls, thanks to the DH AnyValve pump head and the ball needle supplied. The pump head holds securely on Sclaverand, Dunlop or Schrader valves by simply flipping a lever.

Features of the Grid 1 DH Floor Pump

  • Duo pump head works with for Sclaverand / Dunlop / Schrader valves
  • Easy to read 2.5″ gauge
  • Steel barrel, composite bar and handle
  • 81cm long hose
  • Incl. ball needle
  • Max. pressure up to 160 psi / 11 bar
  • Height 61 cm
Berat 3 kg


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